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Pre-Incident Planning Software

Brand new updated Interface. Featuring automated linetypes, drag-in-drop symbols, colorized NFPA Symbols, a new TOOL Matrix, Fly-Out Menu's, New Templates and even easier to place windows and doors! This is the best version yet! Includes automated Cover Sheets in PDF format with up to 4-photos. Field Survey Template, full color Workbook, free updates and training available.

Draw Anything!

FIREbasePIP v.8Pre-Incident Plan drawing software has been re-written from the ground up! Our first version of FIREbasePIP was back in 1994! Wow! 20+ years of drawing Pre-Plans! A completely re-designed Interface, automated linetypes, drag-n-drop symbols, NFPA Symbols, a new TOOL Matrix, Fly-Out Menu's, new drawing templates and an even easier way to place windows and doors! This is the best version yet!

Celebrating 20-YEARS of FIREbasePIP!!

  • Three ways to create a new drawing:
  • 1. Draw from Scratch.
  • 2. Trace over a scanned image, aerial photo or blueprint.
  • 3. Open another CAD drawing and edit to create your new pre-plan.


Special pricing $895

Retail Price is $995.00

Helping Fire Departments create and edit their Pre-Incident Plans. In addition to FIREbasePIP software sales, training and support, we also provide On-Site Field Surveys of your most important sites! Hospitals, schools, Government buildings, office buildings, high-rise buildings, apartments, condos, hotels and Hazmat sites.

Or send us your field sketches or old pre-plans and we’ll create new, professional looking pre-plans that you’ll be proud to share. Updated pre-plans help your Insurance ratings too!


Cover Sheet that displays data, photos and saves in PDF format for sharing.

Free Bonus Included:

add up to 4-photos

Automated Adobe PDF form. Simply add your data about the location. Add Hazmat data, square footage, water, hydrant and FDC locations. Calculates amount of water needed based on square footage. Saves in PDF format.


  • Automated Adobe PDF form. Simply 'tab' to each section. Customize the form with Adobe editing tools - or call us!
  • Add up to 4-photos. Add aerial photos and on-site photos.
  • Easily share your Cover Sheet data with other Agendas.Form automatically saves in PDF format.


Field Survey Check-list Form. Did you get everything? Make sure you did.


33-page full color Workbook and User Manual for drawing your first Pre-Plan with FIREbasePIP.